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SOX Compliance Need

We are looking for ways to report on what dashboard/insights were shared via email. We want the time, what insight, and who received it. All I could find in the Incorta metadata was the actions table, it contains if an email subscription was setup or edited. Not who, what and when of each email. 

Is that information readily available without digging through logs? On-prem 5.2.4. Testing scenarios below. 

1.) Emailed dashboard out to myself, tracks in Actions table as expected
2.) Emailed dashboard out to other people and myself, tracks only that I scheduled the export, not who it went too
3.) Created recurring session to myself. Action shows the creation of the recurring session, not the extract.
4.) Edited and deleted recurring sessions, I see the deletion and edit of the session, not what was edited, just it was modified (Viewed in Incorta) and deleted (Edited in Incorta)