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Changing the Label value on table after import with values from a table


Within SAP there is a table Definitions table named DD03M which contains the database metadata including Table-Field-DisplayText values. An example would be: Table=VBRP, Field=NTGEW, DisplayText=Net weight.


Is there a way to update the Label value in the post-imported table definitions replacing the existing value with the DisplayText derived from the DD03M table ingested to Incorta from SAP? Seems update Incorta_Label with DD03M_DisplayText where Incorta_Table & Incorta_Column = DD03M_Table & DD03M_Field would not be a complicated process to script and is something folks may have had to do in the past.


I could be off and there's an easier way, but my thought is if we know the table in the MySQL db or where the metadata is stored in the file system we should be able to update the definitions without having to manually do it in the GUI. Additionally, this is a Cloud implementation which will make getting to the operating system's command line more challenging. 

Thanks in advance for anyone's & everyone's insights. 



Those are stored as XML , updating via an API is in our roadmap so let us wait for that.