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Data source in Incorta



I need assistance in setting up a data source in Incorta. I have a colleague who updates an Excel file monthly on his device. I would like to know the best way to use this file as a data source in Incorta, allowing my colleague to continue updating it monthly. This is so that I can create a dashboard based on this data.



Consultant answer:  It depends

The easiest way is probably to allow them to upload the file directly to Incorta.   You can decide if you want an overwrite scheme or a unique naming convention, then proceed according to if the file will be "the record" or if you need to snapshot the file between uploads.

Alternatively you could use Google Drive or AWS S3  ( or any of the "data lake" options I suppose ).

A cool feature is that you can use wildcards in the data source property so you could define "myfile*" and get "myfile202311" and "myfile202312" and ... etc.   again deciding how to proceed if there will be mutually exclusive rows or if you need to define keys on the Incorta table. 

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