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ERROR finding Field: OnlineStore.securityrules.user,


I'll be logging a ticket, but checking here as well to see if anyone has seen this:

Init Session] ERROR finding Field: OnlineStore.securityrules.user, not registered in RuntimeModel [com.incorta.engine.db.ColumnManager.getReadRequest]  


I don't even have the OnlineStore schema in this cluster - but there are errors all through the log files.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

@RADSr - As you probably know, OnlineStore is our sample schema. What version of Incorta are you seeing this appear on?

2022.9.0   I'm getting *bunch* of errors right now -- some of which I probably caused  😉    but OnlineStore shouldn't be one of them since I don't have that schema in this cluster.    I'd understand if it were a cached artifact except that I haven't had it in the cluster since it was created ( cloned ) from our PROD cluster which also doesn't have it.    Nor the errors.  

It's like Wednesday is just screaming "I don't want to end"   and I'm saying "talk to the hand Wednesday, I'll bet Thursday is going to be a lot more cooperative"   😉  

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