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Incorta Regex formula

Hi,  I am trying to get regex to work in a materialized view but keep running into "undefined function" errors Is there something wrong with my format? SELECT Name,                  UniversalId,                  Item_Description,                 REG...

Resolved! Why are primary keys important?

We noticed that starting in 2023.7 we are getting error messages in the loader status, if the Enforce Primary Key Constraint option isn't selected with Primary keys setup in the table.  Screenshot below. Someone on our team asked why we even need pri...


Dynamic SQL to union current and future tables

Hello,    I am trying to union 36 tables together. The challenge comes in because there is another table that I need to union each month. So next month ill have 37 tables and the following ill have 38. Is that something we can do within Incorta? Tryi...

TCoomes by Partner
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SQL Server DB Connection

Hi,I'm unable to access SQL server from Incorta error message from SQL server log ""Encryption is required to connect to this server but the client library does not support encryption; the connection has been closed. Please upgrade your client librar...

Naruto by Cosmonaut
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