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How to Create columns manually



User has some data in excel and that data was entered manually in excel sheet and that data was not available in any source.

User don't want to upload that excel sheet in incorta.

Please let me know is there any way to create excel sheet columns manually in incorta?



Odd aversion to uploading a file ( and/or can't you just type or copy the values into a file and upload it? ) but I suppose you could do a select <anything> AS  "COLUMNNAME1" , <anythingelse> AS  "COLUMNNAME2" from any table.

What's the use case?  

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That data is not coming from any table.I have two columns and 5 rows dara, is there any way to create those values in incorta?

I'll be candid - I can't fathom a scenario where you can have that data in Incorta but not uploaded as a file.   

But if somebody bet me a dollar that I couldn't do it I'd prove them wrong  😉 

You'll need to extrapolate from this to get the new columns/values, but create a new table based on a SQLi data source pointing back to your cluster and use this sample SQL: 




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Community Manager
Community Manager

Echoing @RADSr . No Excel entry experience embedded within Incorta. If someone is trying to play around with sample data, we often see them hook up a Google sheet as a connection. Short of that, writing in some Python or SQL can create a dataset on the fly.