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updated Date_US.csv?

I had a review session today with one of my engineers and he pointed out that he had to account for a new US federal holiday: Juneteenth. I realized that this would not be in my Date_US file. Now, I can certainly update my local copy, but is there a ...

Trouble with CASE in Incorta SQL view

I am trying to create a new derived view using Incorta SQL. I am not trying to do anything tricky that I am aware of. I have checked the syntax for the query against Spark SQL for the CASE statement and it doesn't look out of order. Here is the query...

Resolved! current date in Incorta SQL?

This sounds like a trivial question but I have tried all of the options I can think of to get the current date in the where clause for an Incorta SQL table.I have tried current_date(), getdate(), and $currentDate.Please let me know how to get the cur...