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Schema load schedule behavior

I have a schema which takes ~ 13 hours to load doing a full load.Last night it finished ~ 1:30 a.m. which is 1/2 hour *past* the scheduled incremental build time.I would have expected the scheduler to queue the incremental build and run it directly a...

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Activity with in window of time

If I have a site and I want to bucket visitors in to 'Super Active,' 'Active,' 'Kinda Active,' and 'Meh' based on a rolling n-day window of activity ( e.g. 30 visits is 'Super' 2 is 'Meh' )That seems pretty straightforward for a given end date ( alth...

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Unable to load SharePoint Online List data

I have setup OAuth connection with SharePoint Online and configured Datasource using it. While testing connection it shows Successful.But when I try to load data in Schema table, it only fetching metadata/columns but not the records.In Load status, N...

Resolved! What is the load order for Incorta Analyzer Tables?

From the documentation I see this:========An Incorta Analyzer table is an entity object in a physical schema. It is a derived table built using the Analyzer that queries in-memory data from a physical schema or a business schema. During a load or upd...

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