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Resolved! Why are primary keys important?

We noticed that starting in 2023.7 we are getting error messages in the loader status, if the Enforce Primary Key Constraint option isn't selected with Primary keys setup in the table.  Screenshot below. Someone on our team asked why we even need pri...


Schema load schedule behavior

I have a schema which takes ~ 13 hours to load doing a full load.Last night it finished ~ 1:30 a.m. which is 1/2 hour *past* the scheduled incremental build time.I would have expected the scheduler to queue the incremental build and run it directly a...

RADSr by Captain
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Activity with in window of time

If I have a site and I want to bucket visitors in to 'Super Active,' 'Active,' 'Kinda Active,' and 'Meh' based on a rolling n-day window of activity ( e.g. 30 visits is 'Super' 2 is 'Meh' )That seems pretty straightforward for a given end date ( alth...

RADSr by Captain
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Unable to load SharePoint Online List data

I have setup OAuth connection with SharePoint Online and configured Datasource using it. While testing connection it shows Successful.But when I try to load data in Schema table, it only fetching metadata/columns but not the records.In Load status, N...