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Activity with in window of time

If I have a site and I want to bucket visitors in to 'Super Active,' 'Active,' 'Kinda Active,' and 'Meh' based on a rolling n-day window of activity ( e.g. 30 visits is 'Super' 2 is 'Meh' )That seems pretty straightforward for a given end date ( alth...

RADSr by Partner
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Resolved! What is the load order for Incorta Analyzer Tables?

From the documentation I see this:========An Incorta Analyzer table is an entity object in a physical schema. It is a derived table built using the Analyzer that queries in-memory data from a physical schema or a business schema. During a load or upd...

RADSr by Partner
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Schema Model Update error question

TL/DR - What's going on under the hood w/ schema model sync and update? I'm looking at a physical schema which loads daily - and looks to have been loading successfully for over a month ( for easier viewing of when it last failed please vote for  htt...

RADSr by Partner
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Resolved! Kill Schema Load using CLI

Hello Community!!Can you please provide any info on how to kill any particular running schema load jobs using CLI? Our ultimate goal is for automating to kill any loading jobs for particular schema if it exceeds the threshold time while extraction or...

srini_ch by Astronaut
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