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Create Box Data Connector (Cloud)

In order to create Box Data Connector on Cloud (All releases), you should follow the below steps: Option #1: Use the already configured Box Client (ID/Secret) in CMC that does exist once the cluster is created. Create Box App, ignore the Created Cl...

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Getting Started with Spark SQL

IntroductionWhat you need to know before reading this articleStepsNavigationIncorta Notebook for SparkSQLAutocomplete for SparkSQLUse the DESC command to get the list of columnsUse Incorta Notebook Visualization   Introduction Incorta Materialized Vi...

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How to create tickets like a pro...

IntroductionWe will try to collect all the needed and common information to be provided to the created ticket to facilitate the investigation process and expedite the solution also to avoid unneeded back and forth communication between the customer a...

Getting Started with Incorta Notebook

Introduction In this article you'll learn how to open the Incorta Notebook. The Incorta Notebook was designed for creating materialized views in Incorta. A materialized view is a physical schema that defines an Apache Spark job. The job consists of a...

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Overview of the Incorta Platform

Introduction: Let’s talk about the Incorta platform and cover some of the common questions which we get asked by our clients in the initial conversations.    Ingest:In ingestion we will go over how to connect with the source applications and load th...

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