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This best practices index provides an alternative solution to searching the community. Here, you can browse available knowledgebase articles by category. Some broad categories you can jump to are outlined in the table of contents here!

Project Execution

Most general software implementation project techniques apply to Incorta. Still, just as Incorta is a unique solution in the Unified Data Analytics Platform (UDAP) space, there are some specific things to be aware of when implementing Incorta. The articles in this section provide guidance to help you succeed with your Incorta projects.

Maintaining and Expanding Incorta

Once you start deriving value from Incorta, you will likely find more use cases where Incorta can help your business. Incorta is flexible enough to be used in many applications. As you continue and grow your usage of Incorta, you will want to ensure that Incorta stays in tip-top shape so that your users always have the experience they expect.

Monitoring and Hardening Your Environment

This section is organized to help Incorta implementers understand the final steps to ensure your Incorta environment is in prime production running condition. Please dive into the sub-sections below to explore these practices further. It is worth noting that some of these best practices are only applicable to customers with on-premises installations of Incorta. Many of these activities are handled for our Incorta Cloud customers.


Security in Incorta encompasses object (dashboards, schemas, et cetera) access, data access, and role permissions. Incorta provides the tools and integrations necessary for controlling what your users have access to, the level of permissions they have once logged into Incorta, and what data they can see. While Incorta provides native user authentication and authorization features, most organizations will benefit from integrating Incorta with their existing security tools to reduce administration time. The following articles will further detail the various Incorta features and touchpoints with other applications that together make up Incorta Security.

Design for Performance

As you set up your Incorta topology and install Incorta, there are lots of levers you can pull to optimize the general performance of your Incorta clusters. Incorta product documentation can point you in the right direction for tuning your environments, but on top of that, it is well worth familiarizing yourself with some concepts that will help performance as you design your solutions.


Getting your dashboards right so that they effectively communicate insight is vital. Explore the articles below for best practices for designing and building Incorta-based dashboards.

Data Science and Machine Learning

Incorta caters to Data Scientists by providing lots of options for in-depth analysis. You can use the integrated Notebook editor to build models in the language or languages (PySpark, R, Scala, Spark SQL, and PostgreSQL) that you prefer. Incorta has also invested in Machine Learning and provides tools to make your life easier.

Schema Design and Data Modeling

This section is organized to help Incorta practitioners understand the best practices when designing Incorta schemas and doing any necessary data engineering and data loading of those schemas. Please dive into the sub-sections below to explore these practices further.

Business Schema Design

Defining Business Schemas in Incorta allows for a separation between the sometimes obscure naming conventions of your data sources and the business-friendly naming conventions in your company. Beyond that, they provide a level of abstraction that offers consistency to your business users even if you need to shift the physical data model definition. It is always a good idea to use business schemas/views when building your dashboard content, and there are some essential concepts to keep in mind as you design your business schemas.

Best Practices Index
Best Practices

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