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[Incorta] Better together: Make every financial insight more than the sum of its parts

Community Manager
Community Manager

Presented by:

Mike Nader, VP, Business Analytic Solutions at Incorta

Use this discussion to ask Mike any questions related to his session!

Session Date: Dec 7, 2022 @ 9:05AM


Behind every company today is a vast ecosystem of business applications, databases and other systems that capture and store endless amounts of data. Pull it all together and you have a clear picture of where the organization is today, how it got there, and where it’s heading.

Capturing and storing the data is the easy part. Combining that data into a collective whole rather than just a sum of various parts – that’s the real challenge.

Today’s finance teams need timely and trusted delivery of financial and operational data in order to respond to mission-critical questions in a rapidly evolving business climate where the stakes are high and urgency is constant. Enabling them with real-time access to detailed business data as a unified whole makes all the difference in financial planning, forecasting, decision making and analysis.

Incorta’s revolutionary analytics data hub for finance simplifies access and delivery of the latest transaction-level data from all your financial and operational data sources. Pre-built Data Apps for popular business systems such as Oracle EBS, Netsuite, SAP and Salesforce coupled with an ultrafast, highly flexible data pipeline give your finance teams a real time, wide-angle view of business performance metrics, no matter how many data sources you use.

On day 2 of App Week, Joe DelPercio, Director of Solution Architect, will share the benefits of bringing together all data from financial and operational sources for real time analysis, all without time-consuming ETL.

You will learn how to:
- Quickly deploy financial analytics using multisource subledger and operational data with finance Data Apps
- Automate fast delivery of transactional data from your ERPs and business applications without the need for time-consuming ETL processes
- Provide unrivaled access to 100% of your business data while maintaining complete control over security and data governance