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[Ithena] Minimize time to market with Data Apps

Community Manager
Community Manager

Presented by:

Probodh Chiplunkar, Chairman of the Board at Ithena

Use this discussion to ask Probodh any questions related to his session!

Session Date: Dec 7, 2022 @ 9:30AM

Overview: Don't let the complexity of your ERP drag your reporting capability down! Learn how customers are engaging with us to enable quick time to value with Incorta Data Apps.
Connect, Configure, Load, and Run - the mantra to enabling value within a few weeks! Learn how you can take advantage of the pre-configured data mappings, intricate join structures, and valuable insights to end users - all with Incorta Data Apps!



Great session Probodh. A question came in from the audience during your session today that we didn't have time to answer. Any thoughts on this question: Since you mention that Incorta is a SINGLE DATA PLATFORM, does that mean that I have to have my staff member working on Incorta - must know the entire pipeline from engineering to visualization?