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[PM Square] Data science with Incorta: uncover the unknown

Community Manager
Community Manager

Presented by:

Craig Colangelo, Senior Solutions Architect at PMsquare

Use this discussion to ask Craig any questions related to his session!

Session Date: Dec 9, 2022 @ 9:05AM


Incorta has extended its Direct Data Mapping engine to enable data science projects within the Incorta environment, eliminating the need for a separate data science platform. Customers can quickly predict outcomes with precision to evolving scenarios in their business or industry using Incorta.

Join this session to learn how Incorta Direct Data Mapping engine supports Python data science projects with Notebooks to uncover insights within your data.

You will:

- Explore sample data science projects and typical development cycles.
- See how Incorta enables data science with notebooks and Python libraries
- Experience a live walkthrough of a sample project



@JoeM  - can you update w/ a link to the recording?


Community Manager
Community Manager

@RADSr - I've reached out to get the recordings from the team!


I watched the PMsquare webinar when they presented this subject. If you're like me, you get tired of seeing tools being used in perfect scenarios, and everything working perfectly. It was refreshing to see a tool like Incorta be used with a completely unique dataset such as home values and pricing 'predictions'. Craig and the rest of the PMsquare team really know their stuff. Keep up the awesome work!  Here is a link to the YT video:


Are there much simpler examples of projects using Python?  For example, the software running our manufacturing machinery produces samples of production times in a database table.  I would like graph these in violin plots using python and wondering how to go about doing this (I'm rather new to python)...probably showing them in a daily report (changes every day).