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Stakeholders value having all records in Incorta so to give confidence that they have visibility to all system data, including exceptions.

However, most dashboards do not include exceptions. 

Therefore., exception flags are created on business schemas which then need to be applied to all dashboards taking extra time and creating risk of filters sometimes not being applied as needed.

Ideally, the business schema could have filters applied negating the need to apply multiple exception filters on each dashboard.

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Business View Filters

We have a requirement where we should be able to add filters to a business view (standard / regular)

Since a business view can be created using columns from multiple base / transaction / child tables, we can restrict this filter setup to a verified business view.

The business view must be a verified and must have a single base table.

The filter can be tied to the base table. The filter can be restricted to use only the columns from the base table.

The filter should allow regular filter format (drop down approach)

The filter should allow formula filter format (custom formula approach)

The filter should be able to access session variables.

The filter should be able to access presentation variables.