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Status: Prioritized

Similar to the notebooks available when creating Materialized Views, would it be possible to have saveable Notebooks that exist within Analyzer, such that end users would be able to create notebooks, run code in cells similar to Jupytr notebooks? 

Instead of using an IDE or a DB Visualizer tool to connect to Incorta's data, would it be possible to have these Notebooks running inside of Incorta?


A direct comparison would be something like collaborative notebooks within Databricks. 

You would notice that the look and feel is very similar to working out of a Notebook when creating a Materialized View, but the difference is a Dataframe need not be saved in order to continue using the notebook. 

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Status changed to: Prioritized
Community Manager
Community Manager


We have this feature coming in a future release (soon!). Check out the preview in the tile named 'Notebook for analyzer users'