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I think I found a bug in the toChar() function but want to make sure here first.When using the format "HH:mm", toChar() does not emit 24 hour time format. Instead it emits "hh:mm" format. Also, if I try to give it "hh:mm a" as a format string, it com...
I am trying to create a new derived view using Incorta SQL. I am not trying to do anything tricky that I am aware of. I have checked the syntax for the query against Spark SQL for the CASE statement and it doesn't look out of order. Here is the query...
Additional string functions:left(string,int) to return the left x characters of a string.right(string,int) to return the right x characters of a string.
I often have to deal with data that are imported from dialers. These data come in a string duration format (e.g. 00:01:12:04 for 1 hour, 12 minutes, and 4 seconds.) I would like to have similar functions to the date/timestamp extraction functions (se...
I am trying to do a seemingly simple thing. I thought I could use a result-set approach but it did not work.So, here is the task: group averages of numbers based on a category. An aggregate insight does that well. The problem is I want to put in a fo...