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Almost every object in Incorta was created as a private object and has an owner.  Incorta does not allow us to transfer the ownership (as of Incorta release 4.9, Sept 2020) of individual objects unless the user is no longer using Incorta and is leaving the company.  

Incorta allows an Incorta admin to transfer all objects from one user to another user.  This flow is started when the admin tries to delete the user.

In some cases, we may want to change the ownership of objects.  Even though the user with the Share permission can do almost everything the owner can do, there is still some action only the owner can do.

Here is a workaround to change the ownership of a dashboard.  Let's say that user A's the current owner and we would like to change the owner to user B.

  1. User B creates a copy
  2. User A renames the old copy
  3. User B moves its copy to the folder
  4. User A moves the original copy out of the folder
  5. User B optionally shares the dashboard if there is any sharing override at the dashboard
  6. User A delete or stop sharing the original version of the dashboard

Please note the following:

  • In order for User B to make a copy, User B has to have at least the View permission.
  • Being an Incorta admin with the SuperRole or as the tenant superuser does mean that the admin has the View permission.  It still needs to be explicitly granted.
  • Only User A can move the original copy out of the folder (Step 4) or delete the .original dashboard (Step 6).  Export/Import does not change the location of a dashboard
  • User B has to have the Edit permission on the folder in order to move the copied dashboard to the folder.
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