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This article will teach you how to use the Install Blue Print function in the Incorta Cloud Platform.

What you need to know before reading this article

You will need to have access to the Cloud Admin Portal to be able to see the Blueprint screen.

Let's Go

From the Home tab of your Incorta Cloud cluster, please select the “Install Blueprints” card. 

This is will be the most efficient and simplified way to install the Incorta blueprints!


After clicking the "Install Blueprints" link, you will select "Blueprints". Once you get to this screen, please select the data source you would like to install.

  • EBS
  • Netsuite
  • Salesforce

Make sure to look through the blueprints and pick which items suite your need best. There are now sub sets the EBS blueprint below that will make a certain subject easier to bring in quicker to your Incorta space. 

  • If you select a "O2C" or "P2P" section of the blueprint, it will only install these sections
  • If you then select "Oracle EBS Suite", it will overwrite the "O2C" or "P2P" data modules if already installed


Once you select the data source, the installation process dialogue box will pop up:

  • Make sure that you select the correct cluster or this can be a challenge
  • The user credentials needed will have to have Super Admin or Super User access or these blueprints won't download.


After the popup is displayed, enter the key information for installation to occur:

  • Cluster
  • Tenant
  • Username
  • Password


Click the Install button.

Once you select Install, you will see the following "Importing Blueprints" screen:


  • The blueprint installs can take from 1 - 20 minutes depending on the data volumes, so make sure to monitor it.
  • You can also look into the "Schema" section to see if the data if the modules are coming through.

Once the blueprint is done importing, you will see the following message:


To confirm the installation was successful, please check that the data source and schemas are available



SUCCESS! You have now completed the install!

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