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Employee Alumni
Employee Alumni

Introduction: Let’s talk about the Incorta platform and cover some of the common questions which we get asked by our clients in the initial conversations. 


  • Ingest:
    • In ingestion we will go over how to connect with the source applications and load the data into Incorta. Then we will end the ingestion portion by talking about adding new fields in the schema
  • Enrich:
    • During the enrichment part we will go over Incorta’s capabilities of joining against disparate data sources. We will also touch on custom calculations and Materialized Views
  • Curate
    • In curate we will discuss how we can make the data ready for the end users. We will go over how the platform can be used for self service while maintaining trust and data governance. 
  • Analyze
    • We will start this portion by going over interactive dashboards and end by discussing how we can track the data from the visualization layer all the way back to the source transaction level. 
  • Share
    • During this portion we will discuss how to share the dashboards with internal and external users. Finally, we reference how Incorta provides open access to the platform via an SDK and direct SQL data connectivity with optional visualization tools such as Tableau and Power BI


Conclusion: At the end of this video, you will have an introductory exposure to the Incorta platform and a clearer idea of how Incorta can help your organization in the world of analytics. 



Here are some helpful links where you can learn more about Incorta. >> Sign up for a free trial. >> Free self paced and instructor led training. >> Out of the box application data mapping to get a jumpstart toward analytics. 

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