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How to run DA as a Windows service.


- Issue: If the DA Service is started directly from the running script, It will stop when the user session terminates (e.g.: log off)

- Solution: To run the DA script as a Windows service, Thus the status of the DA will be independent of the user's windows session. To achieve that, We will need to follow the below steps:

1- Create a new Service, In this example, I have used nssm utility, You may refer to the below URL for nssm tool commands details:

You may also use any other tool.

2- Starte the service.

3- Log off --> Log On.

4- Run Windows event viewer and locate the events for the services.


Note: It is worth mentioning that the startup type has been toggled from Automatic --> to Manual, which means that even if the service has been stopped due to log-off, I will have to manually start it again ( Not Automatically by windows ), but you will find it still in the running status after login., which means that the DA service status has not been affected by the user session log off.


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