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This articles details the list of IPs that needs to be whitelisted from the user side in order to be able to access Incorta. 

To identify which IPs are relevant to your region, check your Incorta Cluster URL.


<clustername> means that this is hosted on cloud4 (US Central1), and so all IPs listed within cloud4 should be whitelisted from the customer side.

US Central1 - Cloud2

last update: 9-Jun-2024

US West1 - Cloud3

last update: 16-Jun-2024

US Central1 - Cloud4

last update: 05-May-2024

Europe West2 - Cloud5

last update: 31-Mar-2024

Asia Northeast1 - Cloud6

last update: 16-Jun-2024

UAE North - Cloud7

last update: 31-Mar-2024

UK South - Cloud8

last update: 31-Mar-2024

Me Central2 - Cloud9

last update: 31-Mar-2024

Asia Southeast1 - Cloud10

last update: 16-Jun-2024

Me Central1 - Cloud11

last update: 31-Mar-2024

West Europe - Cloud12

last update: 31-Mar-2024

US Central1 - Cloud13

last update: 12-May-2024



The above list is used only when accessing data sources over the internet without Data Agent. 

For Data Agent IPs, contact support to get your endpoint. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

The article has been updated to reflect all whitelisted items current to 3/31/2024

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