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XLCubed is an Excel reporting plugin that would allow you to connect to Incorta, explore data and build reports queuing Incorta business layer.

XLCubed will enable you to build:

  • advanced financial statements,
  • pixel perfect reports,
  • publish reports for public consumption,
  • embedding Excel reports into an Incorta dashboard

How to use XLCubed? There are 3 approaches:

  • Standalone: Use it like the Excel-addin, Incorta is only the source of data (backend) and Excel is the main BI tool. This is for exploring data from Incorta's business layer.

  • Publishing: Users can also leverage the capabilities of publishing those reports to other viewers or publicly, and utilize the other XLCubed capabilities like scheduling to email.

  • Embedding into Incorta Dashboard (Using SDK Component):
    After publishing a report, users can also embed those reports in an Incorta insight:

    • For older Incorta versions that does not support SDK Components: using the RichText iframe option. However, this option will not keep the published report in sync with Incorta filters, it is just a view, but users can interact with the published reports through drilldown or slicers defined in the XLCubed report.

    • Or ultimately embed the published reports using an SDK component that will enhance the interaction with the report through XLCubed endpoints to pass the prompt filters to the embedded published reports.

Here are 2 sample XLCubed published reports:

An embedded report in Incorta dashboard:


XLCubed Licenses

XLCubed author license allows the report developer to connect to Incorta from Excel, explore business schemas, and create insights and/or full reports.


XLCubed web license allows you to create a publishing web server to publish reports created by authors (all authors can publish to the same web server). After publishing the report can be public or secured but not restricted to licensed users.
That published report can be then viewed in a browser or embedded into Incorta dashboard.
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