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XLCubed standalone plugin is used in Excel to connect to different sources (in this case Incorta) and query data from them.

Using XL Cubed add in, you can build:

  • income statements

  • budget variance analysis 

  • and several other financial statements using pre-built templates in Excel using Fluence XL Cubed.

It harnesses the strengths of Incorta for advanced reporting and analytics to create custom reports in Excel. 

Fine-grain control over report layout and formatting to then publish these pre-built reports for wider consumption. 

More variations of finance focused visualizations, such as:

  • Sparkline chart

  • Variance charts

  • Structural Waterfall chart

To start using the standalone plugin, you will need to download the XLCubed Excel installer, then import the license file.



  • Windows machine

  • Excel Installed

  • Incorta version 5.2+ or Incorta Cloud version 2022.3.0+

  • Download the installer, available from this link


The installation steps are:

  1. Ensure Excel is closed

  2. Double-click the executable installation to run the install

  3. After installation, copy the key file locally to my documents (28 days interval trial license download)

  4. Open Excel, browse to and select the license.license file from the XLCubed – Extras – licensing dialog




  5. Close and restart Excel. (Incorta should now appear in the Excel Ribbon)


XLCubed user guides:

Best Practices Index
Best Practices

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