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Can I see where a data agent "lives" from the Incorta UI?


From the Incorta Analytics UI can I see the server name of the data agent host?   

I'm not real clear on how that communication takes place  - I get that it has to have something to do w/ the .auth file, but that would tell the DA how to talk to the cluster/tenant, not how the cluster/tenant "knows" where the DA is ( ? )   

Is the DA server info stored anywhere accessible ( besides the DA server 😉  ) ? 


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No, you cannot "see" the information about the DA location.  In fact, Incorta DOES not care.  This is because the duty / role of communicating and connecting to the cloud instance from the DA is FROM the DA itself.  The AUTH file informs the DA service where it is supposed to communicate.  When you start the DA, it opens a communication channel with the cloud, and then when the cloud asks for work to be performed, the DA opens the data channel, does the query, packages the data, and closes the data channel when the work is completed.  So, it is the DA that manages the authentication and connectivity TO the cloud.  We do have bash scripts that allow listing the DA logs and pulling a DA log from the DA without having login to the DA machine.