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Update ( add columns to ) a snapshot table

So you've built yourself a snapshot table and things are going along swimmingly...   and then BAM!  you want to add another column to it.    You can't do a full reload because all that sweet history would just disappear and never by properly apprecia...

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Incorta datatype for a binary data type column?

Had the goofiest thing happen.We have series of MVs consolidating result sets.   The origin is SQL against a SQLAnywhere DB.    One of the columns is datatype "binary." All was well up until .... yesterday.Yesterday the last build in the sequence fai...

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Resolved! Internal Query Expression

The documentation ( link below ) says InQuery can be used either in an internal session variable or an InQuery filter operator and formula expression."What does this mean?" seems like a simple question, but there it is.   When I drag a formula into a...

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