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Insight can read data while it's being updated?


I've seen this error - not often, but not only a "one time" thing -  in an Oracle EBS implementation: 


INC_04050702: The underlying data for this insight is being updated, Cannot get read lock on Resources EBS_PA.PA_PROJECTS_ALL._@JOIN@_EBS_FIN_COMMON_alias_ZX_RATES_B_PurchasingRate


which runs counter to my understanding of how Incorta works.   

I thought ( think ) that Incorta writes temp files during the loading process and then swaps them out ( full load ) or adds the increment ( incremental load ) specifically so that analysts can keep analyzing during the load process.

Looking for a correction to my thinking and/or some insight into what might be the underlying cause of the referenced error.


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What version you have?. I think this one has been resolved in 5  + version. This error pops up generally when underlying schema or table load in progress or snapshot file movement.

Thx @vengat  we're newly upgraded to 2023.7.0  

I agree that's what the message seems to indicate, but it's not the behavior I was expecting. 

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Oh you are in cloud. we have same issue in our on prem.