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Cluster/Tenant relationship ( can it be 1:n )?

We've gone through support to configure our Azure OpenAI account so we can use copilot. I have the idea that if we wanted to add a different audience -- completely disparate data, authorizations, audience, etc. that it would be a very quick thing to ...

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Resolved! Check version of a python library ( cloud )

In this screen capI can see 1.5.0 after pandas and 2.18 after pystan but no version numbers after any of the others.I'm not python/notebook savvy so this may be basic, but is there something I can write in a notebook to check my installed libraries a...

RADSr by Captain
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Improvements to MV Assistant Recommendations

I recently deployed the MV Assistant in an Incorta Cloud cluster. I only received one recommendation for optimizing a single MV with 16 rows in it. I'm a little skeptical that the default settings of the cluster are perfect for the MVs. I've got abou...

Resolved! Limit on sending scheduled dashboards

I'm adding this so it will be searchable for anyone else who runs up against the issue of a scheduled dashboard not sending ***WITH NO WARNING OR ERROR**** while other scheduled dashboards continue to run quite nicely. Answer in first comment so I ca...

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