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SQL Audit Log - Sessions or something similar

When viewing the SQLi Audit log in _IncortaMetadata there are a combination of entries that are related. There is a BEGIN and COMMIT before each statement. There is also a separate set of BEGIN, and COMMIT when I sent a statement using the Initial SQ...

rsather by Rocketeer
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Schema failure - table behavior question

If a schema loads, but finishes with errors  e.g. 10 table schema and 3 tables fail   how does Incorta treat the incoming data for the successful tables?   Is it configurable?   I can see that sometimes I want whatever up-to-date data I can possibly ...

RADSr by Partner
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Resolved! Incremental load last load time precision

I have a table w/  incremental loading enabled using " <timestampcolumn> > ? " Troublingly, I have some duplicate rows with the same <timestampcolumn> values ( and all other values ).    I'm not sure why, but the load time was the same time ( w/ in 4...

RADSr by Partner
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