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Which formatting options export to Excel ?

I have a customer preparing Insights for distribution to a group of managers via Excel.The insights she is doing are complex and impressive.   The insight I'm using to illustrate the issue is.... not   Here's a simple aggregate table w/ two formattin...

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Guidelines for SPARK property settings?

I've got an MV using spark sql running for ~ 1.5 hours ( and counting )  - the same query ran in under 4 minutes using an Incorta SQL derived table.For prior issues support has recommended adding some properties to the datasource screen.Is there a gu...

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Resolved! Stitch queries - requirements and troubleshooting

I have two "fact" tables  ( one is actually a snapshot table so I'm not trying to get measures from it so much as I'm trying to get point in time attributes from it ) both joined to a date and a customer table where the "fact" is the child.In DW term...

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