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Load fails w/ data agent error, but SQL still returns rows in edit mode


I have a SQL table which just started failing w/ a data agent error:

>>  INC_03010100: Unknown Error: Extraction failed [com.incorta.connector.dataagent.exception.DataAgentException: Failed to open new channel for executing command [QUERY_DATA]].View Details

The data agent shows a green checkmark and testing the data source is successful. 

Most interesting though is that I can run the data source query successfully.   

I'd think that the execution in edit mode would have to use the data agent in the same way as a full load and yet...  *something* is different.

Yes, I've logged a ticket, but I'm trying to work it out asap so I turn to you Community Hive Mind, what say you?   What should I look for next? 

** Important ** this started failing this morning  - it had worked successfully ~ 5 a.m. and failed starting ~ 6 a.m.  w/ no SQL or schema change in the interim so I know it's not a misplaced comma  😉    Also, it's happening to other tables hitting the same DB via the same data agent.     


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I am getting the exact same behavior.  Version 2023.4.  I have several connections all using data agent in the exact same way, all work except this one.  Also, have an existing OnPrem Incorta instance using the same connection and am not getting the error.

Feel free to have support reference ticket 33419   -- it's not resolved yet, but lots of logs and background info so maybe it'll help the team in their investigation. 

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