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Dynamic date range

Hi, i want to run my report for every year previous year October 1st to current year October 31st.I.e 01/10/22 to 31/10/23.could you please let me know how to write formula

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Resolved! SUM on MAX values

Hi,I am migrating Power bI reports to Incorta.In Power Bi report, they are fetching max value of one column and doing sum on that.IN Incorta, i have created formula column in business view with max function and called this in measure column in Aggreg...

KHK by Partner
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Min Date with Or Condition

Hi Team,Could you please let me know how to convert below formula in Business view. I want to use te result of data in another formula.OR((MIN(table.[FISCAL_YEAR])) >= 2022, NOT(ISBLANK(SUM(table.[ORDER_INTAKE])))), SUM(table.[ORDER_INTAKE]), SUM(tab...

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Resolved! Measure in KPI

Hi,I have created below measure formula in business view using string to count the number of rows of string.Requirement: count(table.name = "Yes").Written formula in Business View:if(    table.name = "Yes",     count(        table.name    ),     0)Ca...

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KHK by Partner
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Resolved! Incorrect Month Sorting

Hi there Community,I'm just starting my adventure with Incorta, so first problem appear, thats Why Im asking for help.I have a problem with the proper sorting of months, from what I can see they are sorted alphabetically, and I would like them to be ...

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