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Resolved! Sorting in a chart

Hello!I was wondering if there is way to sort the grouping dimension based on the Measures displayed on a visualization. Let's say, I have a Column chart with Region as grouping dimension and This Year Sales and Last Year Sales as Measures. When the ...

AEliza by Cosmonaut
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Resolved! Minimum of 2 columns

Can we create a column which calculates minimum of 2 same columns but with different filter?Consider Column_1 is having a filter Filter_1 and Column_2 is having a filter Filter_2, here both the columns are same but filters are different. Also filters...

Spd_03 by Cosmonaut
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Incorta Mobile error

I am trying to display a simple dashboard on Incorta Mobile but only KPI insights are working. An error shows for any insights with tables (Listing, Aggregated, or Pivot). The error says " Oops! Something went wrong! Please try again later.". Are tab...

Marcio by Rocketeer
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Enforce a join to use in Insight

Hi Community,Scenario: Let's consider that we have tables A, B, C, D, and Z and the joins between them are as follows and are in the same order as follows,C --> ZD --> ZA --> ZB --> ZWe have other joins between tables A, B, C & D. We have all these t...

srini_ch by Astronaut
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