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Filter multiple business schemas by clicking on a value


Hello, I'm trying to apply a filter to multiple insights (with different business schemas) by clicking on a value in one of the insights.  Is this possible?

I've used presentation variables in the past, but I don't want to type/paste a value in to set the variable, I want to click on the value in the insight and have it drilldown/automatically filter.  I can then set my insights to filter on the presentation variable.

Thanks in advance,



Yes - it's the default behavior for insights w/in a dashboard.    Make sure the insights are using the same column references ( i.e. "product name" from one table won't automatically filter "product name" from another table ).

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That's what I'm trying to get to work.  I want to click on a value and filter on it when it doesn't have the same column reference.  I know I can set an insight to filter on the value of a presentation variable, so if I could set that variable by clicking on a value then it would all work.  

I'm hoping there's a way to do this without manually typing/pasting the value into presentation variable filter.