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Resolved! Transformation error in Pyspark Query

Hello Gurs,I am new to trying to write Pyspark query in incorta to filter a data for last week (Week starts from Monday and Ends on Sunday) But I am getting Transformation error (error log attached) while trying to save the query <<query attached>> a...

msinha8 by Rocketeer
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Alias Table Issue

Hi Team,I have a main table (Master) and an alias table (Master_Alias) that I built from the main dataset, and the data from both of these tables is used in a single dashboard but in different insights.The problem now is that when choosing a filter f...

Spd_03 by Cosmonaut
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Resolved! calculate average time from string type

Hello!I have a dataset with certain time of completion. They were originally ij long/big int format, and dusing formatDuration() in incorta, i have transformed it to (days, hours:minutes:seconds) format. This conversion of format results in an output...

Ruchita by Cosmonaut
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Resolved! Solid Gauge Ranges for non-percent base

I am trying to get a solid gauge to work with a number range. Here is the setup:min = 150, max = 220first range = 96; red, second range = 95;orange, third range = 90; green in this order.The value being returned from the measure is 203. I expect the ...