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Resolved! View SQL for an insight limitations

I have an aggregate table insight, it has measures, I'd like to view the SQL representation of the Incorta query but instead of that I view the message ( screen cap below ) helpfully telling me I must be using a listing or aggregate table and have at...

RADSr by Partner
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help with Time Series Forecasting

I have a materialized view with daily sales totals from July 2018 through Feb 2022 and I can't get the time series forecasting to work in a Line insight.  I've done the steps in the Getting Started with Machine Learning PDF posted here, but there's n...

Resolved! Incorta formula

 Hi Team - Wondering whether below oracle Sql can be achieved using Incorta formula?segment1 is the inputformula_required is the output.select segment1, substr(segment1,1,(length(segment1)-instr(reverse(segment1),'-'))) AS formula_required from dual;...

Ram by Cosmonaut
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