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lookup from external data source



I've multiple dashboards built from ERP source (SAP) . how to replace the values based on lookup from an external Excel sheet?

do I need to create a new business schema and merge it with the existing one ?

No like to update the data in source system (SAP).

looking for the fastest way to visualize based on new values   



Upload your lookup table ( Excel sheet ) as a data source.  Create a table from that data source and make sure to designate the key column(s) which exist must exist in the SAP source as well ( otherwise, well, it wouldn't have any way to "look up"  😉  ).


Load your lookup table.

In your SAP-based Incorta table create a formula column:  lookup(LUTABLE.RETURNVALUE, KEYCOLUMN, KEYVALUE )    <<< look at the doc for the lookup function, you can use more than one key if applicable.    The key must be designated as a key in the lookup table for the lookup function to work properly. 

[edit to add] You can also join your SAP table to the lookup table ( SAP table as the child ) and then the formula column is just the qualified column name from the lookup table.   Or don't create a formula column at all and only include the lookup column in the business schema.    Options abound!   





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