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Load Data into Incorta using external sources


Hi everyone !

Is there any chance we can push data into Incorta Schema/Business schema using python / jupyter notebooks ?

I know we can read data from incorta, but just want to know if that's bidirectional.

Thank you !



Incorta has the connectors that include files upload and reading files from an external drive such as Google Drive and Sharepoint.  Incorta also can read the file from cloud storage, such Google Cloud service, and AWS S3. 

Once the schema and table are created, Incorta provides the CLI which internally calls the incorta webservice that can trigger a data load to read the data from the files into a physical schema.

However, there is no API that can directly push data.  

Incorta MV, however, can be used in generating data.  For example, this post shows how you can generate a calendar Date table using pySpark -

ANother post shows how to convert a python list of tuples as a Spark data frame and thus a MV in Incorta.

Hope these helps.