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Incorta provides many enhancements that help users get the most out of presenting visualizations. This article covers the features that allow users to select which table column is the Group By and which column is the Measure in an Aggregated table visualization.

What You Should Know Before Reading This Article

We recommend that you be familiar with these Incorta concepts before exploring this topic further.

Applies to

This article applies to on-premise versions 4.9 and higher as well as cloud versions of Incorta.

Let’s Go

Dynamic Group-By

Dynamic Group-by is a feature of Incorta's Aggregated Table visualization that when enabled changes the Aggregated Table to show only a single grouping Dimension and adds a menu to allow users to select another grouping Dimension from a menu at runtime. This can simplify the User Interface by reducing clutter within a table as well as reduce the number of tables necessary on the same dashboard. See below for an example of enabling the setting and the result.


Dynamic Measures

Dynamic Measures is a feature of Incorta's Aggregated and Pivot Table visualizations that, when enabled on tables with multiple Measures configured, allows the user to select from a menu which (or all) Measures to display. An additional feature is the ability to configure which Measures appear by default when users first open the Dashboard. See below for an example of enabling the setting and the result.






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