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Incorta, primarily designed for data analysis, encounters situations necessitating write-back functionality for specific values, like status changes or minor adjustments, despite its core focus on data analysis. In response to heightened demand, our engineers used the Component Software Development Kit (SDK) to create a versatile write-back component. While challenging, our team successfully designed it to accommodate diverse use cases, with the acknowledgment that custom API integration may be needed in certain instances. To provide flexibility, we've made the component's source code available for customization as required.

Let's enumerate the use cases we took into consideration while crafting this component:

Simple write back to an application API (Fusion)


This is a short video (in some early stages of the development of the component) showing the needed insight settings and how the component is used in action.

Writing to a staging area and loading back to Incorta


This scenario requires a custom API to handle the logic of writing to a CSV file (or a database), then loading it back to Incorta and review the updates in Incorta. This can be achieved by the following:

  • Create writeback insight with CSV path defined at the tenant's data folder path
  • Schema table in Incorta defined to read from that CSV
  • Schema name is given as a parameter in the write back insight
  • Join between CSV file schema table and the original table

API code logic:

  • Write updated records along with audit information into CSV file defined in the write back component
  • Using a hardcoded PAT call public API to reload Schema given in the write back insight and passed through the API call
  • OPTIONALLY - write to the source table

Review insight:

  • Table insight viewing the original data from the original schema table along with updated records with last version filter to see who/when edited this record

 Write back with an approval process

This is an extra implementation on top of the previous use case to go through an approval of the updates through Incorta UI. This is the workflow of the extra steps:



An end to end flow


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