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Incorta Metadata

Hi Team,I want to build the dashboard with metadata to know schema name, tables , alias tables, columns and formula columns used in which dashboard.Please let me know the table names and column names to build the dashboard.  

KHK by Partner
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Groupby Pivot in Materialized View

Hello, I am trying to create a materialized view with pyspark where I change the shape of a dataframe using a groupby and pivot function to create many new columns  out of a pre existing column.Like so: result = df.groupby("ItemId").pivot("Question")...

week over week?

I need to do some reporting on a week-over-week basis. The built-in "ago" and "toDate" functions only support "month", "quarter" and "year".Any thoughts on how to do this inside a formula on a business schema? My last-ditch thoughts:1) create a date ...