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Data Agent w/ multiple Incorta environments


I'm working out the best way to create and maintain a DEV environment.    One factor is the source data is ingested via a data agent. 

If I set up a new cluster ( cloud admin cluster ) do I need to install a second data agent on the source box?  I think probably?

But what about a second cluster ( CMC cluster ) ?     Or a second tenant?

It seems like the .pem file - generated w/in a tenant - would be *tenant* specific so that any additional tenants, clusters, or clusters would require another installation and .pem file,    

Is there any facility for having one data agent supply multiple environments?   

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Short answer, Yes, User can use the same Data Agent Client (DAC) setup for multiple Incorta instances.

Simply repeat the same connection setup steps, until you generate the .auth file from the Data Agent page at Incorta, Then put that file under the /conf directory for the same DAC, Then restart DAC to load the added auth and connect to new services.

However, In a more technically speaking, Be careful:

- .auth  file is a tenant specific.

- DAC starts main socket channel for every service (Loader/Analytics) thats always open to handle communications.

- DAC opens a new socket channel for every Data Extraction request with no limit from DAC side (may be harmful in high workloads).

Btw Data Agent does not care about CMC and never connects to CMC.