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Java version for data agent?


Cloud documentation for data agent says to use OpenJDK11  ( snip below ) but the linked page doesn't have an OpenJDK11.    Numerically it looks like JDK19 is the most recent GA release ( there's no "Open" on the link ) -- is that good for the data agent or do I need to find OpenJDK11 ? 


Install Java or the OpenJDK

Before installing the data agent service on a host, you must first install Java. The supported versions of JAVA are:

  • Oracle Java 8
  • OpenJDK 8
  • OpenJDK 11

You can download OpenJDK 11 from

The host environment must have a JAVA_HOME system environment variable with a value set yo the OpenJDK directory. The PATH environment variable must include:

  • JAVA_HOME/bin for Linux
  • %JAVA_HOME%\bin for Windows



Community Manager
Community Manager

Adding @Rhyne and @Adam_C to verify the link for docs. @RADSr - do you have a link to the page in docs that has this link? I know it can vary a bit between versions.


Here's the URL for the documentation:



Looks like this is a gap in my knowledge about Java versions and nomenclature  -- support pointed me back at that page and searching for "11" and going from there got me this:


which seems closer, but still leaves open the question of which version to use.   I'll post the answer here when I get it.   

Hey - I never posted the answer here and now I need it -- my bad!   

I am now embarking on the journey to finding out and will - this time - post the answer here.