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MV Table in a business schema


Dear all,

is it possible to create a MV from two tables in a physical schema and use this MV in the business schema ? 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Is the MV you are referring to joining two tables? Yes, once you've created the MV and loaded it, it will be available to be built into a view in the business schema.


yes, it will be a join between two tables and and I don't know if the best practices is to use the join feature or this way (with MV used in the dashboard) is also fine,. 

I'd suggest that best practices don't prohibit using an MV this way, but you should default to letting the two source tables ( and join ) do the work if there's not compelling reason to put together the MV.   

That said, there *are* compelling modeling reasons that exist ( cardinality mostly ) and there's no runtime penalty for using an MV v. any other Incorta table so use them if you need them.

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