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Star Modelling Incorta


I have table A parent of Table B and Table C if i want data from Table A, B & C , how can i do it?



You can aggregate the data from table B and table C by any attributes from the common parent table A.  


Hi dylanwan,

Thanks for update, what my requirement is

I have table A (Parent to all the tables in the schema) - cust_id is pk 

I have table B(Child to TableA) --  cust_id is FK

I have tableC(Child to Table A)--  cust_id is FK

Join is based on cust_id, if i want to list all data from Table B to Table A and Table C to Table A, can we do it with out sql?

if i pull cust_id from table A, Table B and Table C, table C cust_id records are not displaying.

We have replied your question earlier in this post -

It is supported via SQL Table or SQL View.  When you are creating a Listing Table insight, only one table can be the base table.  Incorta does not allow two base tables in the Listing table view. May I know what are the business requirements of showing all combinations of records from table B and table C with the common parent under a given cust_id?  Many design techniques can address this type of data model, for example, we can create an aggregated summary first and let the user to pick a customer to drill down, and the table B and table C can be shown in separate insights as supporting details.  

Thanks dylanwan, got the answer i'm looking for

Currently we have have datamodel where we have 1 parent and many child tables, looking for options where business users can create self service reports.