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Time not matching


I time in DB column is coming as it is in the incorta table from query level. I executed the same script in DB and Schema level and the time was matching. Once the tables are loaded in incorta I explored the schema and found out that the time in DB was no longer matching in Incorta table. I have verified there is no conversion going on at all levels, just bringing the datetime column from DB to Incorta. Please help!



If this is as simple as the same row on the DB is not matching what is in Incorta you'll need to log a ticket. 

In the interim, try loading a singe row from the DB into a new Incorta table and see if that matches.   

It'd be helpful to see screen caps as well in order to suggest more troubleshooting options. 

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It was just a data agent issue. Due to that issue there was a time lag of 5 hours in all our reports. Fixed by re-deploying the data agent.