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What is TAZI?

TAZI is a machine learning platform that allows continuous learning and Auto-ML functionalities.  When it is used with Incorta, Incorta can be used for ingesting, integrating the data, and preparing the data for the ML model development and ML inference processes.

TAZI __ Incorta Integration.png

Deployment Scenarios

Incorta Cloud and TAZI Cloud

Both Incorta and TAZI are available as cloud services.  You will bring your own Google Cloud Storage service and share the data that will be available as the input for ML model development and for model inference services.

Incorta Cloud integration with TAZI 

Incorta On Premise with TAZI

Under such deployment, TAZI will typically be installed together with the server that you host your Incorta instances. Both inbound and outbound communication can be accomplished.

Incorta On-premises inbound integration with Tazi 

Share the Prediction Results from TAZI with Incorta On-Premise Deployment

Please note that to use this option, you will need to contact Incorta as advanced services may be required.



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