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Resolved! '003338366400' converts to 2147483647

I think I've seen this before and asked on the old community, but how can I get a value such as this string'003338366400' to appear and be treated as this number 3338366400 ?   The actual formula does a replace to get rid of dashes and a trim to get ...

RADSr by Captain
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Resolved! INC_04050712: Join could not add column:

This morning I made a simple change to a business schema formula  ( added a case w/ in a case statement ).   I tested a dashboard which has insights reflecting the change and all was well.    I opened a second, similar dashboard and ...   all is not ...

RADSr by Captain
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Resolved! Incorta formula

 Hi Team - Wondering whether below oracle Sql can be achieved using Incorta formula?segment1 is the inputformula_required is the output.select segment1, substr(segment1,1,(length(segment1)-instr(reverse(segment1),'-'))) AS formula_required from dual;...