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Status: New

We would like to propose an enhancement for the bar chart feature in Incorta. Currently, when there is no data available for a particular bar chart, the graph appears empty. We suggest adding empty tiles instead of an empty graph to visually represent the absence of data.

The purpose of this enhancement is to improve the user experience by providing clear and intuitive information even in scenarios where no data is present. With the inclusion of empty tiles, users can easily understand that there is no data available for the selected parameters or filters.

This enhancement would offer the following benefits:
1. Improved Visual Representation: Empty tiles would act as visual placeholders, instantly indicating that no data exists for the selected context.
2. Enhanced User Experience: Users will have a clearer indication of data availability and can easily interpret the absence of data.
3. Consistency in Presentation: Adding empty tiles will maintain a consistent visual representation across different chart types when no data is present.

We believe this enhancement would greatly benefit Incorta users, particularly when working with large datasets or complex filtering scenarios. It will enhance the overall usability and comprehension of data visualizations within Incorta.

We kindly request your consideration of this enhancement request and ask that you evaluate the feasibility of incorporating empty tiles into the bar chart feature.