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Status: New

Just as the title suggests - when I'm editing an insight I shouldn't have to save it to see the results w/ the dashboard filters applied.   This is especially apparent when filtering for slices of time across many insights ( so dashboard filtering is appropriate ) and trying to tweak formula columns to match an anticipated result.   

A simple toggle option would allow for authoring reports with or without the filters being applied.

Currently I have to go through the edit => save => edit  ( and if I'm testing things like filters add in "recreate disabled filters" ) routine instead of seeing real-time, non-sampled results with all relevant filters applied.

Note: I had found, and hoped, "Apply Runtime Filters" ( "Include Runtime Filters" in the documentation in case you were going to spend time searching for it as I did  😉   ) in the insight settings would do this, but alas no.   What it does do is allow runtime filters to pass through in a drill through action.  Which is nice, but not applicable here.