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In the analyzer view, there currently is the capability to drag an entire table into one of the trays of the insight for ease of loading on large tables. Users also have the capability to search the table/column viewer to find specific columns quickly. My request is for a bit of refinement and interconnectivity on these features. 


As seen in the screen captures attached, I have a table with six columns in it. If I drag the table name, I will get all six columns it contains, which is normal. My request comes with the fact that when I filter the columns shown down to three and drag the table name, I still get all six columns the table contains. In this situation, I would prefer if I only got the three columns that are within my search when I drag the table name.


This feature would be especially useful in something like Oracle EBS, where there are columns named "Segment 1", "Segment 2", and so on, where I would be able to group columns together by searching and drag into an insight tray without getting a bunch of other columns as well.


Thanks for the consideration,