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As I understand, Notebook in Incorta is an Apache Zeppelin notebook.

Now, when we are writing some code in PySpark, we create multiple cells in the notebook. For all the cells, we are having to manually click on settings button (gear icon) and then select the font size from the dropdown menu as the default font size of 9 is very small.

This becomes a very tedious task, changing the size of each of cell, one by one, when we are creating multiple cells.
How can we set the font size of text in all cells at once (like in Jupyter notebook) and make the settings permanent. So that the font is of a legible size by default. (Default Font size required by default - 12)

Also do we have any config file placed in Incorta Cloud for each cluster, where we set the default font size in MV, or change the font size of output of the cell. If not having a file for each cluster would be appreciated.